CHARBRAY CATTLE – a breed in a class of their own.

Charbray Cattle, WHY?

  • Lower birth weight – good weight gains – early growth – early finishing
  • Performance in the paddock and on the plate
  • Hybrid vigour from registered Charbray breeder – equals extra $$ in the bank
  • Charbray cattle fit all markets: Export – Feedlot – Meatworks
  • Grade M.S.A. extra $$
  • A breed with flexibility – good mothering ability (see video) 7.2MB
  • High feed conversion on the coast or plains
  • Charbray, a breed, not an F1 crossbreed – but cross well with other breeds
  • Top Charbray genetics from registered Charbray breeders

Top quality bulls and heifers now available for sale at Bunjurgen Charbray.

Charbray Cattle

Bunjurgen Charbray grow bulls to about 2 years of age, weighing from 650kg to 800kg and sell direct from the paddock or through stock and station agents.

Bunjurgen Charbray also sells by word of mouth, from repeat buyers over the past 27 years, from this website and from Facebook.

With the care and treatment provided during their growing stages, the purchaser can be confident that the Charbray cattle purchased from us have had the best possible start in life, therefore ensuring fertility and performance over their lifetime.


Charbray weaners